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Flat Fee Pricing

Unlike other firms, we charge a flat rate for all consultations and document preparation.

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Legal Consultation & Assessment

Our attorneys work with you to assess your situation. Together, we will create a strategy based on the details of your case.

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Legal Representation

Our attorney network has decades of experience in family law and probate. If you decide you need an attorney, we are available for limited and full scope representation.

Our Services

"If you want to be successful in anything you need to find the coaches & mentors to help you."
We provide legal coaching for self-represented litigants in family law and probate cases.

How It Works

My Legal Team is a group of paralegals and attorneys who will assist you in the complex legal arena. 
legal consultation / case assessment

Legal Consultation

First, our attorneys will discuss your case with you, assess it, and uncover the legal issues. Then, we will work with you to devise a strategy to effectively proceed with your case. Unlike most attorney consultations, you will leave with knowledge and direction, not just a quote for future services. 

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legal coaching during self representation

Document Preparation and Legal Coaching During Self-Representation

The hardest part about being your own attorney is spotting the legal issues. Unless you have been trained as an attorney, you may not see the pitfalls and hurdles ahead. If you decide to represent yourself in a case, don’t do it alone. Our paralegals will draft the pleadings, you will make the decisions. We are here to help you navigate the court system. We will educate you and lead you through the court process.

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Attorney Representation

Self-representation, while cost effective, is not easy or for everyone. It can be difficult if you are involved in a family law or probate case due to your emotional connection to the case. Representing oneself also requires time, knowledge and legal skill. In some instances, due to the complexity of the case, it is advisable to retain an attorney.

If you need an attorney for court appearances, we are available at an affordable rate.