Meet Our Team

Crystal Supan

Crystal Supan

Studied at the University of Phillipines, Dillman. Bilingual. Fluent in Tagalog. Background in family law and probate. Previous experience: large Southbay law firm.
Stephanie Robles

Stephanie Robles
Head Paralegal

Studied at California State University, Long Beach. Bilingual. Fluent in Spanish. Previous experience: JusticeCorps Intern and JusticeCorps Graduate Fellow at Los Angeles Superior Court's Resource Center.

Crystal Hayes Hill

Studied at UC Berkeley and Cornell Law School. Previous experience: Attorney/boutique probate law firm; Owner/Principal of Beverly Hills Law Firm specializing in Probate, Estate Planning and Family Law; Site Supervising Family Law Attorney for Los Angeles Superior Court's Resource Center; Managing Attorney Los Angeles Superior Court's Probate Clinic.

The Legal Landscape is Changing

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We live in a do-it-yourself society. People do their own taxes and home maintenance. Likewise, many law-related issues can be handled without retaining a lawyer. Over 40% of those people in probate cases represent themselves and over 70% of all litigants in family law cases are appearing without an attorney. Many people are looking for an affordable alternative to hiring an attorney.

My Legal Team assists the self-represented litigant and those considering representing themselves in probate and family law cases. We specialize in document preparation, legal consultation and assistance with court appearances. 

For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time lawyer, we will help you get prepared for your court appearance with all of the information, paperwork and support you need to be successful and confident.

Flat Fee Legal Services

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Family Law

Family law is the area of law that involves familial relationships. Family law issues include divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and marriage settlement agreements.


Probate is the court supervised process of distributing a deceased person's assets to their heirs or beneficiaries.  This area of law also includes wills, trusts, trust administration, estate planning, guardianships, conservatorships, and litigation surrounding any of the aforementioned.

Our Flat Fee Legal Services 

These prices are for those choosing to be their own attorney:


If you are interested in filing for divorce, we can get you started.

The remainder of the case will be dictated by the response of the other party.  We will happily support you through the process.

Complete Divorce

If you and your spouse agree on:

  1. How to divide your property
  2. Spousal support
  3. Child custody and support and 
  4. Date of separation

we will prepare your divorce paperwork including your marital settlement agreement.

Probate Petition

Most probates require you to file a Petition for Probate to start the case. If you have decided to represent yourself, we’ll prepare this document for you. (We recommend that you have a legal consultation with one of our attorneys first. Probate can be complicated if there is a will, trust, or multiple heirs involved.)

Probate Notes

Does a probate attorney have questions about your case? We will help you respond.

Spousal Property Petition

Were you married to the decedent? Is the property still in his/her name? We can help you with the paperwork to get the property legally moved to yours.


Petition for child or adult guardianship and get experienced legal guidance every step of the way, including letters of guardianship, consent forms, and relocation petitions.


Petition for conservatorship, letters, duties and confidential statements.

Child Support Modification

If you have a case open and you would like to decrease or increase your child support amount.

Court Appearance

Family law case appearances.

Family Law Judgement

Do you need someone to prepare the orders from your trial?  Bring us the minute order and our seasoned team will assist.

Child Custody and Visitation Modification

Interested in changing your court ordered visitation schedule?  We can help.

Simple Will and Trust

If you are looking for a revocable trust and you own less than 1 million in assets, this may be your answer.

Simple Will

A last will and testament will not avoid probate, but it is a good way for a person to communicate how they want their property distributed after their death.

Report of Administrator and Request for Distribution

Are you near the end of your probate case (or so it seems)? Call us for a quote.

First and Final Accounting

This accounting is unlike the typical financial accounting and we can help. However, we need detailed information about your case before we can provide an accurate price estimate.

Paper Consultation Fee

Have you completed the paperwork already?  Did you use one of those online “Do It Yourself” websites?  We’ll look it over for you to make sure it is correct.  You may scan it to us or come in to our office. 

Starting at $150

Retain Probate Attorney

Not up to representing yourself in a probate case? Retain us.

Probate administration, contesting a will or trust, removing a trustee, elder abuse, undue influence…we do it!  Our attorneys have years of experience.

Telephone Consultation

Attorneys are available to answer questions by phone.


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